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Good Client Synergy!

~ Nnena is an award winning festival producer, former deputy director, successful business owner, experienced event planner and true professional.

Good Client Synergy!

A former client once said to me – you did the best that you are able to do. Not great job or thank you, but you did the best you can do! Shade or not? (side eye). All jokes aside, it really doesn’t matter because I took it as constructive criticism and determined that I would use it as motivation to keep growing and striving to be better.

So, in taking stock of the negative effect of working with a client that’s not a good fit, I realized the errors I made and the lessons I needed to learn. You see, I really beat myself up after that project. It took a minute – maybe 1,440 minutes (but who is counting) – to get out of my feelings and fully evaluate the project.

Here are a few realizations I came to:

  1. Never take on a project that you know you don’t have enough information on.
  2. Beware of scope-creep! Don’t take on a client that does not have a clear scope – in writing! Your event scope should not grow with each planning meeting.
  3. Be sure the client has the budget for the project you are responsible for. If you’re responsible for raising money, and you’ve agreed to it, that’s one thing. But if raising money is not in your scope and they don’t have it, don’t do it. It’s OK.
  4. Never take on a client solely for the almighty DOLLAR. You know the saying – All money ain’t good money.
  5. In building your brand don’t take a client that will impact your brand negatively.

These are just a few don’ts I have learned. What have you experienced? I hope you take time and share your experiences so that we all learn and grow together.

Be and prosper!

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