Nnena U. Nchege | Soothing Waters
What soothes your soul? My challenge to you is the find that thing and bask in it.
What soothes your soul?
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Soothing Waters

Soothing Waters


pic2One beautiful Sunday afternoon this past summer, I took time to go to one of the beautiful lakes here in Georgia. As I sat with my feet grazing the water, I could feel the tension slowly leaving my body.  Water has always been therapeutic for me. Perhaps because I am a fire sign, hence the cooling, soothing effect it has on me.

Sitting by the lake, I was able to reflect on a lot of things. All the things that I have wanted to do and haven’t done. The great things I have accomplished. And the things that I have done that need improving. Like writing. The moment I thought about writing, it made me pull out my phone and start voice writing this article. Now I dictated a few of these as different ideas came to mind and it felt good. What I got out of this was the reminder that sometimes you have to sit still in that quiet place that works for you. Sit still and reflect. Reflection gives you perspective. For me sitting by the lake and watching the water flowing slowly but surely, quietly but loudly, I was able to hear myself. And it reminded me of one thing that I always used to say to myself and that is ‘be still’. There is such great power in being still. With stillness comes clarity. Being still allows you better perspective.

Out ofpic1 that wonderful day by the lake, I wrote three articles.  You see, I have been procrastinating since the beginning of the year about writing. Simply sharing my thoughts on life, work, family, you know – every day stuff.  Whenever I stopped to do so it seemed like such a chore that I’d pass on it. So now I know to recharge and write, I need to seek out my quiet space to be still – my soothing water spot. 

What soothes your soul? My challenge to you is the find that thing and bask in it. 

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  • Ravi Windom

    December 18, 2016 at 3:02 pm

    Awesome!!!! Looking forward to more from you. It’s quite “soothing” to read this. Much love and light to you in the new year.