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Feeds My Soul

~ Nnena is an award winning festival producer, former deputy director, successful business owner, experienced event planner and true professional.

Feeds My Soul

A florist I contracted for an awards luncheon I produced made that statement when I asked the simple question –  why flowers?  I like to know what motivates people to do their work.  How did they figure out that was their passion.

So she paused for a moment and then proceeded to share her journey with me .  The journey to fulfilling her passion.  She began as an account executive with large ad agency.  She learned and mastered her trade day in and day out.  She was living her dream, the payoff after studying for degrees in marketing and advertising.   She realized one day after years of success that she was not fulfilled.  She was stressed and felt unappreciated.  She worked more hours than she played and had little time for friends, family or even herself.  One rainy day as she walked to her office, she passed a flower shop and decided to go in.  Call it impulse or intuition or you could call it destiny.  Her universe and her obedience propelled into the shop.  As she wandered around, the florist greeted her and asked if she needed assistance.  Her answer was her ‘Tipper’ – the moment her journey to passion began. The moment she took a step in another direction – direction unknown.

Feeding her soul…

She said to the florist – “Yes, do you need any part-time help.  I need a place to feed my soul”.  After a lengthy discussion the florist told her to come by and work weekends so she could learn more about flowers.   Thus her journey began.  One day, she took another bold step and resigned from her executive job and started working full time as a florist.  She eventually moved to another state and took that leap of faith that feeds the soul and opened her own flower shop.  Five years later, she said “they still feed my soul.  Long days, rough days, smiles, tough times, joy, physically demanding work, even awe and yet it still feeds my soul.”


My work as an event producer feeds my soul even through the storm.  What are you doing that feeds your soul?

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